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Packed with the potent power of our exclusive formula together with a selection of active ingredients that are recognized to support joints and a healthy metabolic action.

In this exclusive formula we have included turmeric. Turmeric extract is among one of the most popular natural ingredients in the marketplace which makes our powerful product a must try.

 *Helps fight inflammation
 *High in antioxidants
 *Supports joint health
 *Promotes healthy skin


Vegan Friendly


Brand:  Nutonic 
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I've been taking the repair gummies for a little three weeks now and what a result... First tried at 1 in the morning and 1 before bed, but personally I didn't have much results. So, I tried 2 in the morning and 2 before bed. I have to admit that sometimes I dare to forget s in the morning which makes it only 2 before bed. But what results... Before I got to know the gummies, I needed several painkillers daily due to wear on my knee, I also had an operation for this but the pain was still not completely gone... Because of the repair I am now Almost completely off the painkillers. Highly recommended and one of my favorites 😁

– Cindy V


 Who knew that these LITTLE GUMMIES would change my life!!!

Day 20 no pain!!  20 days of no pain!!  Things are so much better!!  Today while driving, I noticed how easily I can turn my head to look over my right side while backing up!! I've been feeling the progress gradually!!  Today I had tears!! I usually use all of my mirrors and back up camera but I saw a child in the parking lot so instinctively I turned my head to make sure he was not in the way!!! 

No crackle, no pain!!!

11 years and 3 months after our motorcycle wreck, I believe this is the longest time of no pain in my neck !!!  2 little gummies a day is life-changing

– Rachel B



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