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Calm - Stress Support


People are affected by some type or stress and anxiety yearly, which can have effects of both physical as well as mental tiredness. With such a great deal of individuals dealing with this there is a substantial demand for a homeopathic alternative for those trying to find remedy for their symptoms.

Our blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs as well as amino acids help reduce anxiety, without the side effects of other therapies. This exclusive blend may aid in helping in reducing anxiousness of the day to day stress and anxieties.

 * Stress Management
 * Fights Exhaustion
 * Supports Nerve Health


Vegan Friendly


Brand:  Nutonic 
Calm - Stress Support
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Calm - Stress Support
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Most of my friends and family are aware of the difficulties my daughter has had through her life

Most of you will not be aware

Since a very young age Cary’s struggled to express her emotions and struggled to deal with them as most of us would.

Eventually after a long long battle she was diagnosed, it helped us to understand why she was feeling the feelings she had but she still struggled on a daily basis. Even small things would disorient her to the point of frustration and confusion. We tried the usual meds and to be honest I felt it made her anxiety worse.

I then came across a company with some amazing holistic products. Researched the products and ingredients and decided to give it a go.

Cary has been using these natural and holistic products for a week and already come off her meds and is feeling more focused and is able to deal with everyday challenges better.

I can really see a difference in my girl. She’s happier than I’ve seen her in a long long time, she has patients and doesn’t get stressed over the little things

I am over the moon with her progress and so is she

Forever grateful 💗🌸💜

– Maxine C



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